Crystal Reef

OceanSix Crystal Reef is a specific blend of organic carbon molecules and amino acids to reduce algae nutrients (nitrate and phosphate). This is achieved by boosting the nutrient reducing heterotrophic bacteria population. Phosphate is used by the bacteria’s natural biological process of reducing nitrates to nitrogen gas, which is released into the atmosphere. Crystal Reef allows fine control of bacteria population size, thus controlling nutrients without shock to the Zooxanthellae population required by corals. Crystal Reef is a complete carbon source for denitrifying bacteria. Not recommended for use without a protein skimmer.
Not recommended for use without a protein skimmer.

Available Sizes

Add 5ml (1 capful) of Crystal Reef for every 100L of aquarium water once per week. Dosage may be increase once per month. If cloudiness appears, revert to previous dosage.